Dosbarth Miss Richards- Foundation Phase Class

Welcome to Miss Richards’ Class

Croeso i ddosbarth Miss Richards

Autumn Term 2022

This Term we will be exploring the concept of Life on Earth. 

We will be learning through inquiry based learning. the question we will be investigating is 

What can we do to help prevent further damage to the environment?  with the concept that All life forms are interconnected and depend on specific conditions to survive. 

We will be looking at habitats, environment, climate change, animals and plants. 

The children’s ideas and suggestions will be used to plan activities for the term. 

We want all children to be Ambitious, capable learners who are ready to learn throughout their lives. Enterprising, creative contributors who are ready to play a full part in life and work. Ethical, informed citizens who are ready to be citizens of Wales and the world. 

To start our Inquiry we had a visit from some very interesting Animals! 20/9/22

We had a fantastic morning and we are very exited to start learning about how we can look after our world and all that lives in it.

Summer Term 2021

Topic- Growing

This term we have been learning through inquiry based learning. We have been using our questions about growing and finding out the answers. We are also creating our own garden shop and hopefully sell our produce that we grow. We have decided to grow sunflowers, beans, carrots and strawberries. We will be creating a advert for our garden shop.

Here are some of our questions we wanted to find out.

  1. How do plants grow?
  2. What do plants need to grow? How to plant a seed.
  3. Do plants need soil to grow?
  4. How do we grow?
  5. What are parts of the flower called?

We planted a bean seed and created a bean diary to document how it grew. We asked everyone in our class what they wanted to grow and created a tally chart and graphs.

Our experiment can a seed grow without soil?

and the answer is YES they can. Here we are planting our seedlings in the garden.

We made recycled plastic bottles to create green houses for our carrots to grow.

here are our carrots growing so far…

We have a garden centre in our class.

Our strawberry plants are growing nicely!

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